T5 LED Bulbs/Tubes


We recently purchased a container of T8 LED tube lights and a second container of T5 Bulbs. These Type A LED  tubes  save over 50% in energy as compared to fluorescent lamps.  In addition to saving energy each lamp has an L70 rated life of 50,000 hours compared to an Average Rated Life of 20,000 to 24,000 for fluorescent lamps.  Type A means that they are designed to use on most exiting T5HO ballasts. This is much safer than removing the ballasts and working directly of the 120 or 277v power. 

Energy Story

Fluorescent T5HO tubes used in FBay type fixtures consume 54 watts for each lamp.  Our LED T5 tubes only consume 25 watts.  Each LED replacement lamp saves 29 watts or $12.70 per year.  (assume $0.10/KwH and 12 hours per day)

Additional Benefits

  • Mercury Free (Fluorescent lamps contain mercury.)
  • Can be used at temperatures of -20F to 95F.
  • Our T5 LED Tube Lights are made of polycarbonate and aluminum.  Glass is cheaper, which is why it is more common in LED tubes.  Most end users prefer the PC + aluminum as it is less fragile. Also, many end user customers are required to add plastic shields in case the glass tubes break.   Plastic shielding is not required with PC + Aluminum lamps.
  • Polycarbonate almost eliminates the risk of breakage during shipping.


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