LED Panel Lights

Panel Lights

2 x 2  and 2 x 4 LED panel lights are perfect replacements for fluorescent troffers.  They are available in 4000K and 5000K and have a 75 CRI.   Throughout our office we replaced the 2 x 4 fluorescent troffers with  2 x 2 panel lights--and we had more lumens. 

Energy Story

A 2 x 2 LED panel light consumes 40 system watts compared to the 2 x 4 fluorescent luminaire which typically consumes about 181 watts.  Each fixture saves 141  watts of energy or $66.13 in energy per year ($0.10 per Kwh, 12 hrs per day)

Additional Benefits

  • Each panel light has a rated life of 50,000 hours as compared to 24,000 for fluorescent
  • LED is Mercury-Free. All fluorescent lamps have some mercury and should be disposed of properly
  • LED panel lights offer uniformity and evenly lit space.  
  • In most applications a 2 x 2 LED panel light will  offer more delivered lumens than a 2 x 4 fluorescent troffer.

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