Replace a MH 400 with 150 watt LED

A 150 watt LED Highbay will typically offer slightly more maintained lumens than a 400 watt Metal Halide fixture  How does that happen?  The metal halide lamp is omni-directional and the light is distributed 360 degrees, meaning much of that light is trapped in the fixture.  LED lights are directional, meaning the light is distributed in one direction, down. Therefore almost no light is wasted.  In addition, LED does not have the huge lumen depreciation of metal halide or high pressure sodium.

Energy Story

A 400 watt metal halide fixture actually consumes 460 watts of power (400 for the lamp + 60 for the ballast).  Our LED highbay fixtures consume 150 total watts of power, so each fixture saves 310 watts.  Operating the fixtures for 12 hours per day at $.10 per kWh results in $136 in energy savings per year.  

Additional Benefits

  • Long Life:  50,000 hours for LED technology vs 18,000 hours for Metal Halide
  • Instant On:  no 5 to 10 minute wait for the lamps to warm up.
  • No Color Shift:  Metal Halide lamps actually change color over their life


LED Highbay fixtures are packaged one per box. There is never a shipping cost to business addresses with Surplus.Lighting and there are no minimum quantities.

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